WA-P-9 is designed to package individually packaged bottles for transportation and display.

This advanced system automatically crafts high-quality wrap-around boxes using corrugated cardboard blanks for bottles.

The WA-P-9 wrap-around packaging machine has proven instrumental in boosting company profitability and minimizing environmental footprint through reduced packaging material usage compared to traditional boxes.

Additionally, the machine features a user-friendly display panel for convenient program selection and performance tracking.

  • Machine dimensions (length/width/height):

    3900 x 2300 x 2800 mm (installed)

  • Capacity: 9 boxes/min
  • Box size: minimum 230 X 80 mm and maximum 450 X 400 mm
  • Box Type: Wrap-around Box (Fefco 0406)
  • Size of Handled Products:
    84 x 41 x 240 mm –108 x 84 x 285 mm
  • Data-driven remote support
  • Critical spare parts
  • Automatic size and product adjustments
  • Tray + lid


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