Formeca HMA series

The Formeca HMA series assembles a variety of high-quality medium and large boxes and trays with lids for industrial packaging. The Orfer-made machines form sturdy, commercial-grade boxes using pre-cut corrugated cardboard blanks and hot glue. Available in a single track (25 boxes/minute) model and a double track (50 boxes/minute) model that can form boxes of two different dimensions simultaneously.

Easy to use and maintain, the HMA series has a display panel for program selections and performance monitoring. The machines have an integrated elevator to refill cardboard blanks without heavy lifting even while the machine is operating.

Box sizes and structures can be readily changed in a few minutes with the adjustable forming tool and interchangeable parts secured with quick-fastening locks.

Additional automation options include a carriage that fills the magazine with blanks in a single run and an extension to the larger model that loads blanks directly from pallets.

Single track HMA
  • Assembles up to 25 boxes/minute
  • Machine dimensions (length/width/height) 2500 X 1200 X 2200 mm
  • Box size minimum 200 X 200 mm and maximum 600 X 400 mm
Two-track HMA 2S
  • Can make two boxes of varying size and structure simultaneously
  • Assembles up to 50 boxes per minute
  • Machine Dimensions (length/width/height) 2500 X 2250 X 2330 mm
  • Box size minimum 250 X 120 mm and maximum 600 X 400 mm


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