PalletCell XM

PalletCell XM offers palletizing for up to two products at a time. Simple to use, it is ideal for a facility with a variety of products that are fragile or require a high level of hygiene. PalletCell XM palletizes 8-14 items per minute with a higher capacity as an option. This palletizer will significantly reduce manual work on your production line. 

The Kawasaki robot comes with a standard vacuum gripper with mechanical collision absorber, but a mechanical gripper is also an option. Your products can be tested on the machine prior to delivery. Up to three palletizing patterns are included in the standard package. 

PalletCell XM
  • Up to 14 items/min, depending on product and palletizing pattern
  • Palletizes carton or plastic boxes, trays, crates or wrap-around boxes
  • Machine dimensions (length/width/height) 4470 X 2165 X 2315 mm (transportation) and 4470 X 2970 X 2850 mm (installed)
  • Box size minimum 200 X 150 mm and maximum 600 X 400 mm
  • Kawasaki FD050N Robot


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