PalletCell XC

PalletCell XC has a capacity to palletize up to 20 boxes per minute, a small footprint and a one-day installation. Designed to serve the needs of a wide variety of industries, this premium “Plug & Play” palletizer is simple to use and cost effective. Even on smaller production lines, the PalletCell XC will measurably reduce manual work and increase line efficiency.

PalletCell XC automatically loads cardboard, carton, plastic boxes and trays into pallets for logistics. The Kawasaki robot comes with a standard vacuum gripper with mechanical collision absorber, but a mechanical gripper is also an option. Both left and right-handed models are available, as well as the option to choose the direction of the incoming conveyor. Additional slip sheet magazines may also be ordered.

PalletCell XC
  • Up to 20 boxes/min, depending on product and palletizing pattern
  • Palletizes carton or plastic boxes, trays, crates or wrap-around boxes
  • Machine dimensions (length/width/height) 4470 X 2165 X 2315 mm (transportation) and 4470 X 2970 X 2850 mm (installed)
  • Box size minimum 200 X 150 mm and maximum 600 X 400 mm
  • Kawasaki RD080N Robot
  • Right or left-handed model
  • Direction of the incoming conveyor
  • Mechanical gripper, instead of vacuum
  • Slip sheet magazine


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