By joining PAC Global, Orfer gains access to valuable resources and collaboration opportunities to drive positive change in the packaging landscape.

PAC Global, established in 1950, is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to serving the packaging community with material and package neutrality. Advocating for sustainable, circular, and safe packaging solutions for the benefit of all. Click here to learn more.

About Orfer
Orfer provides robotic automation solutions for the secondary packaging and palletizing of food and beverage products at the end of the production line. We partner with our clients to develop a comprehensive understanding of their business needs, integrate our solutions with their production line seamlessly, and offer them ongoing training and 24/7 support.

Further information

Prem Pillai

Prem Pillai

Sales Manager

Prem works closely with his clients to develop the solution. Helping companies to accomplish their mission is extremely rewarding for him and he is always looking for more opportunities to do so. Prem is an Engineer with 15 years of global experience in Sales and Marketing, Projects, Supply Chain, Operations, and Business Development.

As Sales Manager at Orfer, he will be the first point of contact for Canadian customers to promote solutions and services, as well as customer acquisition and support.

Outside of the office, Prem enjoys dancing, travel, and badminton.

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