Newsletter No.4


Automation and productivity: Saving on materials

Packaging materials are expensive and a big part of production costs. When looking for ways to reduce waste and production costs without sacrificing product quality, packaging materials is a great place to start. Orfer helps their clients to save valuable packaging materials and to decrease the amount of damaged goods delivered to your clients by leveraging automation in the packaging and palletizing process at the end of the production line.

Press Release

Orfer Canadian team keeps growing

Orfer’s commitment to support Canadian Business takes another important step. We are excited to announce that Prem Pillai has joined the Orfer Canada Team as our local Sales Manager.

Prem will be the first point of contact for Canadian customers and will work closely with his clients to develop solutions that are best suited to their businesses.

Wondering what automation would look like for your facility?

If you are interested in learning more about our automation solutions and how we can increase uptime and promote business growth for your manufacturing facility, contact us for a quote.

We are pleased to introduce our online quote tool. You will receive a quote in your email seconds after completing a quick online form.


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