Newsletter No.1

Fifty years of automation

We are celebrating our Golden Jubilee! In 1970, our family-owned business was founded in Orimattila, Finland to automate sawmills. We pivoted in the 1980s to secondary packaging automation, particularly for food and beverage companies. Today, our company provides automation solutions internationally. Our experts have many decades of experience in automation and robotics. We are grateful to our loyal customers and dedicated staff who have driven us to innovate and grow for five decades.

PalletCell XC

Even on smaller production lines, the PalletCell XC will measurably reduce manual work and increase line efficiency. PalletCell XC has a capacity to palletize up to 20 boxes per minute. Its small footprint and seamless one-day installation make it an ideal “Plug & Play” palletizer for a wide variety of industries where space and time are at a premium. Designed to serve the needs of a wide variety of industries, the Kawasaki robot can handle delicate items where a high level of hygiene is required like food and beverage products.

Client Story

Two decades of reliability for Michael Food

When Michael Foods used drop packing machines on their liquid egg line, the facility often experienced jams in the mechanisms causing frustration and costly delays. The packaging machines were also slower, which had a negative impact on the speed of the entire production line. Howard Weaver, Director of Corporate Engineering, initiated a search for secondary packaging machines that would address these issues.



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