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Michael Foods: Two decades of dependability

The Problem

When Michael Foods used drop packing machines on their liquid egg line, the facility often experienced jams in the mechanisms causing frustration and costly delays. The packaging machines were also slower, which had a negative impact on the speed of the entire production line. Howard Weaver, Director of Corporate Engineering, initiated a search for secondary packaging machines that would address these issues.

Wrap around machine

The Solution

The wraparound packing machines from Orfer, an international robotics company based in Finland that specializes in secondary packaging solutions, were much more consistent and measurably faster. They could be customized for a wide variety of products. They also had a high standard of hygiene along with soft starting and stopping functions to enable the safe handling of fragile items, so they were ideal for a product like liquid eggs. They used less cardboard than a standard box for savings on materials. “When we purchased the wraparound case packers, reliability was the main driver,” said Howard. “They are less likely to jam up than the drop packers we had before, and they have a higher throughput rate. The machines are quite self-sufficient and do not break down often.”



The wraparound packing machines at Michael Foods have been steadfastly working on the liquid egg line for many years now. A few years after purchasing them, the company bought palletizers from Orfer. The palletizers used a Kawasaki robot with a vacuum grip to gently but efficiently stack the boxes onto pallets. He is now considering the purchase of Orfer palletizers for a new plant for mashed potatoes. They are integrated into a fully automated production line from the filling machine through to the wraparound machines and palletizers that prepare them for shipment. The machines are connected to ensure that production speed matches seamlessly between them and there is a quick response upstream to any delays.

Orfer has been providing service and support to the line since the machines were installed. Howard appreciates that the Orfer team works closely with him to meet his timelines and quickly delivers any parts he requires. He is now considering the purchase of four Orfer palletizers in a new plant for mashed potatoes.

“I would definitely recommend these machines to other companies with comparable operations to ours, especially if they have a space constraint.”

The compact design of the Orfer products make them ideal for facilities like his that require a small footprint.


Michael Foods is a food manufacturing company headquartered in Minnesota with facilities across the USA. They provide a variety of products to several major quick-service restaurant chains, including the liquid eggsthat are packed and palletized at their New Jersey plant by Orfer machines.

Howard has lived in the Minneapolis area with his wife and family for the past 22 years.


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