With the goal of improving packaging and logistics efficiency, Orfer and Kiilto embarked on a partnership in 2021, focusing initially on Kiilto’s Hankasalmi facility. With an aim to replicate the success achieved there, Orfer is now set to deliver a comprehensive packaging and palletizing solution to Kiilto’s Turku factory.

Anssi Manninen, Production Manager at Kiilto, expressed satisfaction with the previous automation system installed in Hankasalmi: “The system not only boosted production efficiency but also enhanced the functionality and eco-friendliness of our packaging, while making work processes less physically demanding.”

Markku Mustonen, Technical Manager at Kiilto, highlighted the decision to collaborate with Orfer again, stating, “The positive outcomes observed at the Hankasalmi factory, coupled with the seamless cooperation with Orfer, were key factors in our decision. Moreover, standardizing equipment across our facilities promises additional synergy benefits.”


Markku Mustonen

Technical Manager, Kiilto

WA machine Orfer

The upcoming system installation at the Kiilto factory in Turku will efficiently group products and pack them into wrap-around boxes, resulting in up to 20% savings on packaging material and a reduced environmental footprint. These boxes will be sealed using the company’s biodegradable hot-melt adhesive, further enhancing sustainability and resulting in more efficient and eco-friendlier shelf-ready packaging (SRP).

Following packaging, the boxes will be stacked onto pallets and seamlessly transported to the wrapping system. This integrated process not only enhances efficiency but also reduces environmental impact, as the wrap-around boxes are more space-efficient than traditional ones.


Orfer’s comprehensive lifecycle services, including oCare 24/7 remote support, maintenance, and spare parts services, play a pivotal role in ensuring sustained efficiency and reliability throughout the entire solution lifecycle.

Wrap-Around Packaging Machine For Bottles

This advanced system automatically crafts high-quality wraparound boxes using corrugated cardboard blanks for bottles.

PalletCell XC

PalletCell XC has a capacity to palletize up to 20 boxes per minute, a small footprint and a one-day installation.

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