Orfer and Paulig have agreed on cooperation in renewing the packaging and palletizing lines in Paulig coffee roastery located in Helsinki, Finland. The delivery consists of five intelligent robot palletizing cells, mobile robots, a pallet wrapping line, five group packaging machines and the Orfer OMA integration platform. The renewal of the roastery will increase the productivity, capacity, and flexibility of Paulig’s production and help the company to achieve its other sustainability goals. The deal is the most significant in Orfer’s history. The project delivery will employ Orfer and other partners by the end of 2025.


Paulig is an international family-owned food and beverage company which is known for high quality brand, products, and services. Paulig is a leader in sustainability development and a pioneer of responsibility in the food and beverage industry.

This is a major step to support Paulig’s commitment to having all packaging recyclable and made from renewable or recycled materials by 2030. With the renovation Paulig’s Helsinki factory production will be more efficient.

Orfer will provide Paulig a complete solution to meet these challenges. The delivery includes secondary packaging lines that use only recyclable packaging materials and reduce packaging waste. The traffic of in-house logistics is carried out with mobile robots. The roastery’s key production figures can be monitored with Orfer’s IoT-based productivity service.

The automatic secondary packaging and palletizing systems supplied by Orfer bring efficiency, environmental benefits, and improved working conditions to Paulig’s Helsinki roastery, as well as support the company’s mission to enable the future of food.

The partnership between Orfer and Paulig dates to 2002, when Paulig renewed half of its palletizing lines in the old roastery. The companies have developed the coffee palletizing in co-operation since.

The collaboration was deepened by converging company cultures that strive for better. Paulig is a major client and a partner to Orfer, who dares to challenge to ensure the most responsible coffee production possible. Both companies had the same state of mind, to grow and nurture the partnership together.

For Paulig, it was natural to continue cooperation with Orfer and to pursue a third, more ambitious project. Paulig aims to have all the packages recyclable by 2025. In addition, Paulig is committed to having all packaging recyclable and made from renewable or recycled materials by 2030. The packaging and palletizing systems are modernized to improve the production efficiency and working conditions.

Orfer’s 20 years of experience in project organization and lifecycle services of coffee palletizing will be utilized on a full scale in the complete solution delivered to Paulig.

Orfer is proud to support Paulig in this aspiring project and to continue supporting the circular economy with improved responsibility, productivity and flexibility of production.

To learn more about Paulig and Orfer’s partnership, click here.


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