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In the realm of modern logistics and supply chain management, efficiency reigns supreme. One tool that has been pivotal in enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs is the wrap-around machine. These ingenious machines are a game-changer for businesses looking to save on materials, optimize space, and simplify and optimize their processes.

By harnessing the power of wrap-around machines, you can drastically cut down material waste, maximize storage space, and standardize the packaging process, leading to significant cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Embrace the Future of Packaging

Experience the cutting-edge innovation of wrap-around machines. Designed to seamlessly pack individually packaged products for transport and display, these machines provide lightning-fast and flexible wrap around packaging systems for bottles, cases, cartons, and even soft packages. With their automated capabilities, you can bid farewell to manual labor and embrace a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Customized to suit every product and production line, the Orfer Wrap-Around Series comprises automatic group packaging machines equipped with a product-specific grouping system that constructs a wrap around box or a tray around various packages using cardboard blanks. These machines can be adapted for bottles, cases, cartons, and even soft packages. They are particularly well-suited for facilities with stringent hygiene standards, such as the food industry. Additionally, they feature soft starting and stopping functions, ensuring the safe handling of delicate items.

The Orfer Wrap-Around Machine comes equipped with a display panel for program selections and performance monitoring. A motorized transfer arm is employed to position products onto a cardboard blank before forming a wrap around box or a tray.

For specific packaging needs, the Orfer CP/TP model handles trays, with an option for lids, while the Orfer CP/WA Wrap Around machine packages and seals boxes using adhesive.

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Ready to Unlock Savings and Efficiency?

The Orfer Wrap-Around Machines are an invaluable asset to your operations. It facilitates seamless growth and enhances the cost-efficiency of operations, ultimately positioning companies for long-term success.

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How the Orfer Wrap-Around Machine Improves Your Operations

WA Benefits- Cost Savings

Saving on Materials

Wrap-Around Machines are champions when it comes to saving on materials. Traditional manual packaging methods often lead to excessive material usage due to inconsistent tension and overlapping. The consequence? Increased costs and a negative environmental impact due to unnecessary waste. The Orfer Wrap-Around series tackles the issue head-on. By automating the packaging process, Orfer ensures precise application and enhanced load stability. The result? Up to 20% savings on packaging materials and reduced waste.

WA Benefits-Saving-Space

Accomplish More with Less Space

In today’s landscape, where warehouse space is at a premium, effective space utilization is crucial. Wrap-Around Machines play a pivotal role in this optimization process. When the production floor is cluttered with manual packaging stations, workspace is limited and hindering to operations. The compact footprint of the the Orfer Wrap-Around Machine frees up valuable space, enhancing overall workflow.

WA Benefits_Increased Efficiency

Your packaging process, simplified

Streamlining processes is another area where wrap around machines excel. These machines are designed for user-friendliness and require minimal training to operate. They provide consistent, repeatable results, eliminating the variability that often plagues manual packaging. Manual packaging processes often lead to bottlenecks and slower production rates, limiting the output. By integrating Wrap-Around Machines into your workflow, reduce downtime and boost overall efficiency.

WA Benefits-Reduce labor cost

Wrap-Around Machines and Reduced Labour Costs

The innovative Orfer Wrap-Around Machines automate the packaging process with precision and consistency, eliminating the need for manual labor in tasks such as positioning products, forming boxes or trays, and securing packaging materials. By streamlining and automating these processes, businesses can significantly reduce their reliance on a labor-intensive workforce, leading to substantial cost savings in terms of wages, training, and labor-related expenses.

WA Benefits-Scalability

Embrace Scalability

The adoption of a Orfer Wrap-Around Machine is a strategic move that empowers businesses to scale effectively without the immediate need for major expansions during periods of growth. By efficiently packaging products into boxes or trays, they enable companies to handle larger volumes of goods within existing infrastructure. This scalability advantage means that businesses can accommodate increased production demands without the significant overhead costs associated with expanding facilities or constructing additional storage space.

Are You Prepared to Harness Cost Savings and Boost Efficiency?

Orfer Wrap-Around Machines prove indispensable in your operational setup. They promote seamless expansion and elevate operational cost-effectiveness, ultimately positioning businesses for sustained success.

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Witness Innovation in Action!

Watch as the Orfer Wrap-Around Machine revolutionizes packaging. See how it flawlessly handles milk and juice cartons, transforming your production process. Discover incredible benefits: slash labor costs, achieve 20% material savings, and supercharge your production capacity. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to operational efficiency.

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Different Wrap-Around Packaging Machines

Wrap-Around Packaging Machine For Bottles

This advanced system automatically crafts high-quality wraparound boxes using corrugated cardboard blanks for bottles.

Wrap-Around Packaging Machine For Gable Top Cartons

This cutting-edge machine automatically erects high-quality wraparound boxes from corrugated cardboard blanks around the product group, specifically made for the Dairy and Beverage industry.

Wrap-Around Packaging Machine For Plastic Tubs

This cutting-edge solution automatically creates high-quality wraparound boxes from corrugated cardboard blanks, accommodating a wide range of industries.

Wrap-Around Packaging Machine For Thermoformed Trays

The state-of-the-art wrap-around machine automatically creates high-quality wrap-around boxes from corrugated cardboard blanks for food industry.


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